Internet Research Service


As an Internet Research Specialist, I work with copywriters, content writers, publishers, editors and marketing strategists providing them with focused research for their projects. You can have this secret weapon in your arsenal, too. It's easy...


I start by providing you with a Research Request Document to fill out so you can tell me about your project and exactly what research you need. The information you provide serves as the basis for all my research.


Once I have your completed Research Request Document, I carefully sift through the millions of pages on the Internet that reference your topic gathering all the information, facts and figures you need to add proof and credibility to your copy. I look for relevant articles, quotes, research and other data that provide you with the elements you need to build a compelling case and obtain your most wanted response. And, of course, I keep an eye out for those priceless golden nuggets that could make your next promo a blockbuster.



I compile all this research, along with source information for future reference, into a single document. This saves you an incredible amount of time by significantly reducing the amount of information you need to sort through. And it enables you to work more efficiently because as you write you can just scan through the research document to quickly pull out quotes, statistics and other elements that you need. The Research Deliverable Document gives you a gold mine of highly targeted, focused, relevant and accurate information right at your fingertips to craft compelling and persuasive copy for your project.


You will enjoy the benefits of solid research, saved time and increased revenue and the time I’ll need from you is minimal. Most projects can conveniently be completed exclusively via e-mail.




Additional Services


In addition to providing focused internet research, I offer other services that you may find convenient to have performed by someone already familiar with your project. These are also available as stand-alone services should you need them.



Image Research


If you regularly use images in your projects, you know that searching for images can be just as time-consuming as doing the research for your project. But you also know that the right image can make a strong emotional connection with your audience and do wonders for your results.


I can perform the time-consuming preliminary searches of the thousands of sources and millions of images available and put together a manageable selection of photos that meet your needs based on criteria that you provide.




Editing and Proofreading


It’s difficult for someone who has been completely immersed in a project for days, weeks or even months to do all of their own editing and proofreading without missing something.


It helps to have someone from the outside who can give you a fresh perspective and catch things that may otherwise be missed. Being involved in your research, familiarizes me with your project and objectives and enables me to add valuable input when performing these additional services for you. I can check for errors and help you be sure you are catching and keeping your reader’s attention.


I've also done book editing and proofreading for published authors.

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